Root Canal Therapy in Cerritos

Few options are better than your natural teeth when it comes to maintaining overall oral health. In situations where decay or injury have compromised your smile, Dr. Jared Wu and Dr. Philip Kress provide root canal therapy to treat sites of infection and safeguard against future issues. True to our mission of promoting long-lasting, healthy smiles, our Cerritos dental practice offers this reliable endodontic procedure for patients in Cerritos and neighboring communities.

When Should You Consider Root Canal Therapy?

Within every tooth is the root canal, a chamber that contains nerves and the vital soft tissues known as dental pulp. Facial trauma and advanced decay, allow bacteria into the root canal where they cause infection. Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress perform root canal therapy to prevent tooth loss and keep bacteria from spreading.

The following are often indications that root canal therapy is needed:

  • Abscesses – Characterized as discolored pockets of inflamed tissue, abscesses that appear on the gums signal the presence of infection.
  • Tenderness or Swelling – As a reaction to bacterial infection, the gums and the area surrounding an infected tooth may become swollen and sensitive to pressure or touch.
  • Temperature Sensitivity – In addition to tender gums, an infection may also cause your tooth to become more sensitive to hot and cold drinks or food.
  • Toothaches – You should seek immediate assistance if there you have persistent and significant discomfort in your tooth.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, reach out to our practice to schedule a consultation with our Cerritos dentists. After conducting a thorough evaluation, Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress will explain the source of the symptoms and discuss your options for treatment.

Root Canal Therapy at Our Practice

diagram of root canal therapy

With any treatment options Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress recommend, they makes certain to suggest care that accommodates each patient’s individual circumstances. When discussing the need for root canal therapy, our dentists show x-rays that display bone loss and explain how leaving the tooth untreated can allow the infection to expand and increase your risk of further tooth loss. Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress will also answer any questions and address any concerns you have about the procedure.

The goal of root canal therapy is to treat sites where decay or bacteria are present and remove infected tissue from within your tooth. After removing this tissue, Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress will fill the chamber with a biocompatible material, shielding against future infection by preventing new bacteria from entering. Our dentists will then cover the treated tooth with a dental crown, giving it the support needed to withstand normal function.

Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress use an electronic apex locator to accurately determine the length of the root canal, allowing them to perform the procedure with increased precision. Combined with the considerate and attentive approach our dentists take, they are able to consistently provide patients with positive outcomes following root canal therapy.

Preserving Your Smile – Contact Us Today!

If your tooth is injured and is causing you considerable discomfort, call and schedule an appointment at our practice today! Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress provide root canal therapy for patients in Cerritos, Artesia, La Palma, and the surrounding areas to restore and protect their dental health.



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