Dental Implant Restorations in Cerritos

For patients missing anywhere from a single tooth to an entire arch, dental implants are the best thing next to natural teeth. At the dental practice of Dr. Jared Wu and Dr. Philip Kress, we are committed to helping patients regain the full function and aesthetic appeal of their smiles through implant-supported restorations.

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Why Dental Implants?

While traditional ceramic restorations help patients regain their bite function and restore the aesthetic appearance of their teeth, implants add the advantage of long-term jaw stability and facial structure. Implants act as the roots of the artificial teeth, and structurally stimulate jawbone. This stimulation preserves the strength and shape of the jaw, preventing the aged appearance that may result from tooth loss.

Experienced in Implant Restoration

3D render of dental implant

Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress have been providing patients with implant restorations for years, with a multitude of positive results. These restorations have allowed our Cerritos implant dentists to help patients regain a healthy smile and bite. Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress also understand the importance of having an implant accurately placed and works with a network of specially trained and educated professionals to have the implant posts placed. At Jared Wu, DDS and Philip I Kress DMD, Family Dentistry, we work with a team of dental specialists for dental implant placement in Cerritos. We refer patients to trusted periodontists and oral surgeons, helping them to achieve predictable, beneficial results from the placement of their implant.

Once the implant post has healed and is fully integrated into the jaw, Dr. Wu and Dr. Kress will provide patients with an aesthetically pleasing restoration, the visible portion of the dental prosthetic.

Lab-Crafted Restorations

The implant restorations provided at our office are created by a number of trusted labs to give our patients the prosthetic that matches their specific dental needs. Dependent on the needs of our patients, we may use a lab that is best able to create implant-supported dentures, or one well known to create crowns that adequately support the pressures of chewing.

The labs we work with not only help our dentists provide patients with a variety of restorations options based on their needs, but also ensure a quality prosthetic that maximizes their comfort.

Pretreatment Options Available

Implants are unable to be placed without sufficient bone to support the integration of the post. Should patients not have the upper or lower bone structure to support the placement of an implant, we work with a network of specialists to help you obtain the necessary grafting or other pretreatments before receiving your implant.

We also work with patients to explore traditional prosthetic alternatives to implant-supported restorations.

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