Dental groups and corporate dentistry are quickly gaining popularity. However, as this style of dentistry becomes more popular, the differences between community dental professionals and corporate dentistry become more important for patients looking for family dental care.

Dr. Philip Kress provides patients with a comfortable, friendly environment in which to receive care. We have created this guide to help our patients and others understand the benefits of a local family dentist, and how that sets community dentists apart from their corporate counterparts.

Personal, Caring, and Friendly Dental Services

As local providers, community dentists get to know their patients. Corporate dental practices incentivize short appointment times and high volumes of visits. At these practices, patients do not have the time to ask every necessary question and are encouraged to accept treatment quickly so the doctor can move on to their next patient.

At community dental practices, dentists make time for their patients and can tailor their services to patients’ individual needs and comfort levels. Staff at practices like these greet you by name whenever you visit the practice and provide you with a dental home.

A Conservative Approach

As healthcare providers, dentists shouldn’t push unnecessary or expensive treatments. Corporate dental environments are run in a manner similar to retail businesses. Their dentists are encouraged to sell extensive treatments to their patients, even if less invasive and cost-effective treatment could provide the same effect.

With a local family dentist, care is intended to enhance patient comfort and health. Their goal is to ensure their patients will be happy with the care they receive and will return for regular dental care. A conservative approach ensures that patients receive only the care they want or need, emphasizing their health and happiness with their smile.

A Personal Touch

Dr. Philip Kress gives back to the communities that he serves. As a local leader, Dr. Kress has been the president of the Chamber of Commerce for 9 years, organized several charity golf tournaments, and provided his support for the Optimist Club and the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts.

This involvement gives our patients the chance to get to know us outside of the dental environment and ensures that the care we provide isn’t just from a dentist to a patient but from a friend.

Meet Your Local Family Dentist Today!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your local dentist, contact Dr. Philip Kress today. We provide dental services in a comfortable, friendly environment for patients throughout Cerritos and the neighboring communities.

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