Deep Cleanings in Cerritos

Gingivitis is something that many adults throughout the US experience and which, in its late stages, is difficult to correct through regular cleanings and proper oral hygiene alone. At the dental practice of Dr. Jared Wu and Dr. Philip Kress, we provide patients with thorough and effective deep cleanings in Cerritos, preventing permanent damage to the bite, and helping them to return to ideal dental health.

If you are suffering from moderate to advanced periodontal disease, contact our office immediately to schedule your exam and deep cleaning consultation.

Why Periodontal Cleanings are Necessary

Early forms of gum disease are indicated by inflammation of the gums and can be corrected by making positive adjustments to a patient’s oral hygiene routine, as well as visiting the dentist for routine exams and cleanings. If left unaddressed, the plaque buildup on the teeth will calcify, turning it into tartar, making it impossible to be cleaned away just by brushing and flossing.

At this point, patients will need periodontal cleanings, as the continued presence of calculus will damage the soft tissues of the mouth that secure the teeth as well as the supporting bone structure. The breakdown of tissues that occurs during this stage, known as periodontitis, is permanent.

Scaling and Root Planing

diagram of tooth with periodontitis

Deep cleanings, also called scaling and root planing, halt the progress of gum disease and provide patients with a chance to return to optimal oral health. During this minimally invasive procedure, patients are provided a local anesthetic, enhancing comfort when undergoing treatment and allowing our Cerritos dentists and their team to effectively clean away tartar. Once the surface of the tooth has been cleaned, we will polish the surface of the tooth to make bacterial build up difficult in the future.

Our Cerritos dental practice provides deep cleanings for patients using ultrasonic dental instruments. These tools loosen the calcified plaque from the teeth, making the cleaning process easier for our patients.

All scaling and root planing procedures are followed by a number of check-up exams and cleanings, allowing patients to maintain their returned oral health. If necessary, we are able to provide patients with anti-bacterial treatment to aid the healing process.

Specialized Pocket Reduction and Periodontal Treatments

For patients who are in need of additional treatment to reduce the size of periodontal pockets, we are able to provide gingivectomies. This procedure is able to eliminate the pockets that trap food, making it easier for patients to keep their smile healthy.

Dr. Wu, Dr. Kress and our team also work with a network of periodontal specialists in Cerritos for those who are in need of more advanced treatments. By helping patients find specialized care, we ensure they receive effective and predictable results.

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