Now, more than ever, dentists have access to the tools and techniques necessary to help establish patients’ ideal smiles. Whether your concerns involve dental health, appearance, or a combination of both, your dentist can recommend several suitable options. To ensure your needs are being fully considered, your dentist should develop a treatment plan driven by your individual circumstance. 

Dr. Philip Kress and the team at our Cerritos practice offer essential procedures specifically suited to meet our patients’ expectations for conservative care. There are many benefits you can gain by seeing a dentist who follows this philosophy, some of which include:

Preserving the Natural Beauty of Your Smile

In response to an increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry, a great many options have been developed to bring back natural appeal. However, some patients opt for excessive treatment, creating a look that is decidedly unnatural and may also come with oral health concerns. These can include alteration of healthy dental structure and negative changes to the contour of your smile.

Your dentist can recommend solutions that exclusively target problem areas and enhance your overall cosmetic appeal. For instance, when only small portions of a tooth’s surface need restoration, porcelain inlays and onlays have the aesthetic qualities and resiliency to be conservative alternatives to crowns. The end result should be a renewed appearance that does not come at the expense of your long-term dental wellness.

Maintaining Lasting Function

Some of the most effective treatment you can receive involves preserving natural teeth to promote proper function.

Certain situations such as significant injury, advanced gum disease, or decay make saving the tooth impossible. Before recommending any procedure, a conservative dentist will perform an evaluation of your oral health as a whole. You should be presented with options to replace missing or deficient teeth without involving their healthy neighbors. While dental implants are ideal, you should also be able to discuss viable alternatives with your dentist. Ultimately, a practice committed to conservative dentistry will develop a plan around your needs rather than restricting your choices.

Dr. Kress takes pride in providing appropriate dental solutions for patients across Cerritos and the surrounding communities. If you have questions about what a conservative approach adds to the longevity and efficacy of your care, feel free to call our practice today to schedule an appointment.

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